Filter paper

Applicable filter paper in auto manufacturer industry is composed of cellulous materials and resin with standard impermeability against air, fuel and oil. A type of acrylic resin used in this paper. This type of resin is turned to a strong-linked and unbreakable polymer.

Air filter, oil filter and fuel filter are typical classes of this product which are applied in lightweight and heavy weight machines.Meanwhile,filter papers are usable in other ignition motors like: motors used in agriculture, industry, electronic generator, lift trucks, cranes and ...

Ava group imports various types of filter papers from china and Europe. 

Product List

Oil Filter Paper

Oil Filter Paper types of applicable filter in oil strainer in lightweight and heavy weight machines.

fule filter paper

fule filter paper applicable paper in production of petrol strainer gasolene

Air Filter Paper

Air Filter Paper applicable paper in filter of lightweight and heavy weight machines and road making machines...