About Us


Ava commercial group is a multinational company founded in 2005 and proceeding to its international goals, has developed in Russia & China opening Moscow and Astrakhan offices in 2007 and Guangzhou office in 2011.

One of the main professions of Ava group is to sell pulp & paper. Considering Russia as one of the biggest pulp suppliers and China as one of the biggest paper producers in the world, Ava is able to provide a wide range of products. Moreover, it made good progress in paper industry.and plays a significant role in supplying paper for Middle East & CIS countries.

Ava group has started as a pulp exporter, gradually obtained a significant place in paper market and today after more than 10 years, has turned into one of the well-known pulp & paper suppliers in CIS countries. Profiting from experts in paper industry and also well communication with big manufacturers, we have a high capacity to offer various products and services to our clients and business partners and we do our best to make them well satisfied.