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Unbleached softwood pulp

Unbleached softwood pulp type of brown pulp paper resulted from chemical process and applicable in production of cardboard used for boxes and straw-papers

Bleached softwood pulp

Bleached softwood pulp Yarns of bleached softwood pulp are longer than that of hardwood pulp and as fortified pulp or “intensifier” in Chemistry terms are applied in paper making and Kraft industries

Bleached hardwood pulp

Bleached hardwood pulp Bleached hardwood pulp is resulted from a chemical process through which pulp color becomes whiter. and is applied in paper making industries in which specifications of Whiteness and brightness are emphasized

Fluff Pulp

Fluff Pulp

Bagasse Pulp

Bagasse Pulp Bleached and Unbleached Bagasse pulp ( sugarcane pulp )